Herbal Consultation

By Nicole Rodrigue

By Nicole Rodrigue


Herbal consultations are a great way to get personalized support in matching you with herbs and formulas aligned with your physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health goals.

As pre/decolonial medicine, herbs asks for a different more intentional relationship than most western medicine. But from this commitment, we have an opportunity bring our bodies back into balance through being in right relation with the nature, ancestral traditions, and land-based wisdom.

What To Expect

  • 60-90 Minute Consultation over Zoom or Phone Call

  • 30 Minute Follow Up unearthening personalized herbal protocol

    Want to schedule another appointment after the first protocol? Schedule a follow up at a discounted rate.

Sliding Scale Pricing

  • Consultation + Protocol: $80-$100

  • Personalized Formulas Priced Separately

  • Follow Ups: $50