Ghost Stories, Love Stories: Valentines Day Release Art Book Release

Ghost Stories, Love Stories: Valentines Day Release Art Book Release

The lust for plants and their medicines is part of a longstanding global story that extents as far as the spice trade -- one of the primary reasons that enticed colonizers to set sail in their conquests. .

Lust drives so much of our economies in detrimental ways — and is totally present in the herbalism trend we riding in. But if we are interested in getting right in our bodies, getting right with the land, and being “holistic”— we are not only looking at the need to digest whole medicine but also their whole histories, including those who stewarded the land and plants before us. .

As the drug trade & climate change have shown us, the misuse and abuse of plants have create riots in our blood streams and on our planet. Pachamama speaks

For this reason, I'm pleased to share my latest offering alongside my recently launched medicinal Rose Collection:

on roses + other plantitas

an art book also centralizing some of my research to date on the intersection of the rose and coca industry in the legacy and recovery of the war on drugs in Colombia—as well as ancestral uses of these herbs as medicine.


  • a short essay

  • two printed photographs

  • a coca monograph

  • a rose monograph

  • ancestral medicinal uses

  • comprehensive historical timelines of the globalization of these plants in legal and underground markets

  • A 101 on the Colombian Conflict

  • An update on Cocalero Land Substitutions in Colombia as they intersect with the rose + other industries

In a nod to Arundhati Roy's book “Capitalism: A Ghost Story”, this zine highlights the ghosts pervading the rose industry in the ways in which they’ve been wronged by US’s favorite love stories— american dream, capitalist progress & conquest, etc etc.

Limited edition. Sliding scale- BIPOC to the front.
Available here.

Rose Collection Release

Rose Collection Release