Cocarosa: Andean Medicine for Endurance + Softness

Cocarosa: Andean Medicine for Endurance + Softness


Andean medicine for softness and endurance, memory & recovery

This sweet elixir formula centers coca and rose medicine to bring an overall balance in endurance and softness. This is a spiritual andean medicine made in memory and recovery from the legacy on the war on drugs.

Coca is a medicine of endurance. Revered as a nourishing stimulant for over 8000s years, this medicine traditionally was utilized by Incas and indigenous folks of the highlands to withstand long workdays in the fields, and long tours on foot. Commonly utilized to support through altitude sickness.

Though not native to this region, roses are cultivated in mass in the Andes to then be distributed the global market. As an aphrodisiac nervine, roses offers an ease and softness important to maintain despite / in spite of whatever harsh conditions and traumas.

Please note: Kindly ask that only brown/black folks purchase this medicine.

Instructions: Take 10-30 drops three times a day internally. May be take directly or immersed in water. Shake before use. Keep away from sunlight.

Ingredients: Coca, Rosa, Organic Honey, Brandy

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