Rosa: Heart Nourisher Oxymel

Rosa: Heart Nourisher Oxymel


In a world that commercializes and objectifies love often in the form of roses on Valentines Day, we can lose touch with rose as medicine that can nourish our hearts and minds.

ROSA: HEART NOURISHING OXYMEL is a two plant-part blend utilizing both rose petals & rosehips for heart-center nourishment. In thanks to rose petals extracted in honey, this formula’s nervine, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac properties support those looking to soften their nerves and hearts, easing conditions like anxiety, depression, and trauma. Together with rosehips extracted in apple cider vinegar, this formula is great as a blood tonic, nutritive rich in Vitamin B, E, K—with especially high counts of Vitamin C—, and antiviral properties-- offering the strength and protection needed when we allow ourselves to soften.

Delicious sweet medicine to get your daily dose of vitamins by way of keeping you heart-centered. .

Instructions: Take 10-30 droppers orally three times a day. Shake before use. May be immersed in water or used as salad dressing.

Ingredients: Rose Flower, Rose Hips, Organic Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar

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