Of Warriors: Energizing Cacao Blend

Of Warriors: Energizing Cacao Blend


In honor of Precolumbian traditions that predate our typical hot chocolate drinks, this blend centers cacao and maca as warming, energizing, and protective medicine that was historically bestowed to Mayan, Aztec, and Incan warriors.

Cacao’s scientific name-- Theobroma cacao --nods towards its indigenous spiritual uses; translating from the greek words theo (“god”) and broma (“drink”), cacao has been celebrated by the Incans, Mayans, and Aztecas as a drink of the gods and distributed only to warriors and select elites. Only when soldiers were on campaign was cacao made into portable cacao tablets in which they would then make water-based hot chocolate from.

Maca -- another ancient sacred plant now commonly consumed -- has been celebrated as an Incan superfood that restores the endocrine system and adrenals while boosting our energy as well as libido. Traditionally it was considered a warrior plant often given to warriors before war.

Together with roses, annatto, damiana, and the thickening agent of marshmellow root, this formula offers warmth and energy to power through winter’s darkest months.

Available in 4 oz.

Instructions (for 1 Serving): Boil 1.5 water/milk and place to a simmer. Immerse 1-2 tbsp of herb material into simmering water/milk for 30 minutes and filter. Add honey or sugar for any additional sweetening.

Ingredients: Cacao, Ginger, Annatto, Roses, Damiana, Maca

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